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The Job You've Been Dreaming Of


Diamond's Culture

There is a reason that we have almost 100 employees that have been with us over 5 years and 26
employees over 15 years. We believe that when you’re doing work you love and living according to your
values, life is good. Our company has a long history of caring for our employees, who in turn care for our
customers. This creates the opportunity for our staff to do work they love, while also creating lives they

Why you should work with us?

Diamond Mattress is committed to attracting and retaining the best talent in our industry.

Our employees are essential to the work we do, which is why we are always looking for talented, dynamic people to join our team.

Medical, Dental, Vision

Whether you have a common cold or will be undergoing surgery, medical benefits cover a range of
services and can provide peace of mind to help you offset health care costs.

Paid Holidays

Diamond offers 9 paid holidays, plus the most important, your birthday. During the holidays, we also
celebrate with lunches, fun gatherings and opportunities to connect with your colleagues.

Extra Benefits

Diamond offers more than the industry standard including Basic and Term Life insurance, Pet Insurance,
Flexible Spending Account, Identify Theft Protection, and Legal Assistance.

Check what Tony has to say about working at Diamond Mattress

"Can’t say anything bad about diamond . It has it’s challenges. But it’s diamond has allowed me to purchase a home, cars, feed the family and stay in relatively good health. Diamond has always been a family business. The people I have worked with throughout the years have been great. They helped me to be instilled with work ethics. Be proud of your work. And do the job as good as possible, whatever you do."

Pictured: Tony Ribali- 50 years, Marina Bautista- 26 years, Ismael Ruiz- 28 years 

We want to know you

We are always interested in finding good talent, please reach out to us.

Send your resume to: