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Our Process

Better Materials. Better Sleep. Better World. Better You.

Our Business Model

We started making mattresses 4 decades ago and that’s what we still do. But to break it down, our main business is making custom mattress programs for large retailers and online brands across the US and even a few international. That’s right, many of you are already sleeping on a Diamond Mattress but just don’t know it because our name isn’t on it.

In addition to that, we offer an extensive collection of mattresses that satisfy any and all of your sleep needs. These mattresses are sold across the USA under the Diamond Mattress brand as well as other brands. We give our retail partners the opportunity to customize any of these mattresses with their brand name and logo. We started with humble beginnings and are proud to be able to support others in their business ventures at any level-from custom private label programs to giving startups the ability to create their own mattress brand. Instead of making our partners select from packaged options that don’t fit their business model, we meet them where they are and let them curate and merchandise their own assortment.

Basically, we make it easy.

And last but not least, and perhaps the reason you are on our site, we sell mattresses directly to you! This isn’t something we have always done but as we grow our company and brand, we get more requests from you to purchase our mattresses directly and have them shipped them right to your door. So we now have a curated collection of mattresses that we offer right here on our site.

What do we do everyday

We make mattresses. We have a fast, flexible and efficient manufacturing operation. We make up to 1500 mattresses a day at each of our locations, California and Texas. Instead of stock piling mattresses in our warehouses, we make them when you order them. If one of our retail partners places an order on Monday, we make it, load it on one of our trucks and deliver it by Friday. If an order is placed on our website or one of our e-commerce partner websites, we make and ship it within 2-3 days. It’s who we are and what we do.

Looks Matter

Kind of crazy but yes, we care about the way your mattress looks, and you tell us you do too-even though you cover it with sheets and mattress protectors. This is the reason we are proud to offer the best-looking mattresses. We get excited about all of the aesthetic details-colors, fabrics, quilting patterns and overall design. You should be able to choose a mattress that fits your sleep needs and also looks great.

But not just looks

Many of the layers and materials of a mattress look great but also provide additional value. Our eyes are on these details, like performance top-panel fabrics that are cooling or moisture-wicking or stretchy so they adjust when you move. There are other layers that matter for your sleep, but they are tucked securely inside your beautiful mattress.

All of our foams are CertiPUR-US certified and are higher density than the mattress industry standard so they last longer. We use specialty cooling and conductive foams like gel, copper, and graphene. We use natural layers like latex foam, wool, and organic cotton. We make our coils in-house and individually wrap them to reduce motion transfer. We make a variety of coil systems, like foam encased with center support (we own the patent on this one) and dynamic edge support. We are experts at layering the components to provide you with better sleep.