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Diamond's Top 5 Tips for a Safe and Successful Store Reopening - Diamond Mattress Store

Diamond's Top 5 Tips for a Safe and Successful Store Reopening

First, we’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome back to business, and wishes for good health in body, mind and retail spirit as we all navigate these new situations together.

To support furniture and mattress retailers across the U.S. as they reopen their stores and showrooms, Diamond Mattress is offering our "Welcome Back to Retail" package filled with FREE products and resources to help mattress retailers have a successful reopening. We're also offering our "Top 5 Tips for a Safe and Successful Store Reopening" recommendations to help provide info on how to make your customers feel comfortable during this new retail experience.

We want to share this information with as many businesses as possible. If you would like to receive a copy of our Top 5 Tips or if you would like to receive a FREE "Welcome Back to Retail" sample kit, complete the form below. Retailers who enter their information will receive the .pdf to read and download right away. If you would like more information on Clean Care reusable masks or Clean Care sheets, click here



1. Educate Your Team

From office staff to sales associates, create a new, relevant greeting, such as “Six feet away and a great day to buy a new mattress!”. Train your staff in proper hand washing techniques and remind them why it's important. Provide your team with protective masks and remind them it's for their safety and that of their customers. (Diamond can also produce branded masks for your business.)

2. Provide Real Assurance to Guests

Provide visible and tactile proof to your guests that their health and safety is a priority. Place hand-sanitizing stations everywhere. Provide Clean Sheets for rest tests of mattresses and pillows, and masks for use while in the store. Practice social distancing and help each other to respect the six-foot rule so it feels more natural with customers. Reinforce proper hand washing or sanitizing as well as cleaning surfaces after each customer. 

3. Use Encouraging Messages and Signage

We’ve all been through a lot, and with a personal and positive touch to all your messaging you can encourage and assure customers of a safe and pleasant shopping experience. We recommend using signage at the front of your store to help customers understand the safety guidelines upon their arrival. Making this known at the front of your store ensures that nobody is confused on the guidelines. Put down signage at the retail sales windows that show six feet of distance to help your customers understand where to stand.

4. Safe Delivery and Pick-Up Options

Establish clean steps for home delivery with your delivery team. Phone calls and appointment times are even more important during these times. Make sure your delivery drivers are making the customer feel safe by calling ahead and establishing contact. Every customer will have a different level of comfortability, but it's up to us to keep our customers and our employees safe. Use mattress drop ship options if possible. Diamond has over 60 different mattresses and programs that can be drop-shipped to anywhere in the nation directly from our factory. Train your team on what to expect when delivering to new customers and implement clean process for customer will call orders.  

5. Follow Local and State Guidelines

Understand guidelines and be an expert on them. These guidelines vary from state to state, so be sure that you are up-to-date on what your local government is advising. Follow these instructions closely, and if you have any questions you can always refer to the Center of Disease Control website at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

To find out more information or to become a dealer, visit diamondmattress.com or email us at sales@diamondmattress.com


Wishing You the Very Best,

The Diamond Mattress Team