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Diamond Mattress Increases Investment in Professional Development

While many companies in recent months have reduced their workforce, Diamond Mattress is investing more in people, building a healthy company culture that it believes is the foundation for continued growth.
— Furniture World
Earth-friendly mattresses still a niche business

“Many manufacturers have a hard time striking the balance between building a quality mattress with natural and organic materials at an accessible price point for the average consumer and delivering profitability for retailers,” said Trina Solomon, Diamond’s director of marketing.
— Furniture Today
Diamond Mattress’s Ethos line leads to 60-70 percent margins for retailer partners

The company says Ethos can deliver retailers healthy margins of 60% to 70%. The company also reported sales doubling each month since its August 2021 launch among retailers who carry the niche program.
— Bedding News Now

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Diamond Mattress Increases Investment in Professional Development

While many companies in recent months have reduced their workforce, Diamond Mattress is investing more in people, building a healthy company culture that it believes is the foundation for continued growth.

Earth-friendly mattresses still a niche business

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What’s the latest in bedding this spring?

Retailers are on the prowl for new mattresses that will draw in consumers in a steady manner, and manufacturers and suppliers have stepped up with an array of offerings to meet those needs.

Diamond Mattress’s Ethos line leads to 60-70 percent margins for retailer partners

Recently when Diamond Mattress took a closer look at its eco-friendly Ethos collection — which it says offers healthy margins to its retail partners — the company was able to quantify what it believes has been a strong upward trajectory with the three-model line.

Diamond Mattress Finds Success with Sustainable Mattress Collection

Diamond Mattress has found success delivering healthy margins for retail partners and a sustainable mattress collection that consumers want and can afford. 

New products, high traffic, good times

Diamond Mattress got a good stretch at the market. With 50% more showroom space, the Rancho Dominguez, California-based company brought more models to the floor, including new boxed beds, natural collections and its Technogel mattresses.

5 observations from mattress, bedding Vegas showrooms

While split-head mattresses aren’t new to the category, this market delivered an abundance of new players jumping into the segment. The growth of adjustable bed base sales has helped drive the innovation, and Bedding Inds. of America and Diamond Mattress were among companies showing off their split designs.

Mattress exhibitors pull out all the stops with product introductions at Las Vegas Market

Diamond’s CloudTech was the star of the show, as the medical-grade cooling TechnoGel helps drop a person’s body heat through several innovative gel options. 

The Bedhead 2023 Winter Vegas Market Review: Diamond rated most comfortable mattress and best demo experience

Fresh off our flights home with little sleep, the Bedhead Marketing team provides their thoughts on what they saw at the 2023 Winter Vegas Market.

Is the furniture industry already in a recession? 34 Industry leaders weigh in

"From our perspective, we’ve been in a recession for the past few months. As a financially stable, 80-year-old company, we have been through tough economic times and see recessions as opportunities for us to grow market share."

Sweet Dreams

"With the heightened awareness of sleep and its link to physical and mental wellness, the appeal of natural and organic products in our homes now includes the mattress which we spend one-third of our lives on ... and more people are willing to pay more for materials that are better for their health and offer luxury sleep comfort," says Trina Solomon, director of marketing for Diamond Mattress.

Diamond Mattress Turns Up Volume in Vegas with Several Company Firsts

Diamond Mattress reports it is turning up the volume at the upcoming Las Vegas Market to “cut through the recession noise” with the company’s largest showroom space to date, displaying its broadest product assortment, and offering the hottest market deals.

Bedding vendors see challenging year ahead, with eye on market share

“As a result of consumer hesitation, we expect limited growth opportunities to be focused around traditional holiday time periods. Buyers may slow their purchases, but they will be open to saving money."

Diamond integrates fiberglass-free FR solution

Diamond Mattress is now using fiberglass-free flame retardant (FR) in its mattress manufacturing as a healthier and safer solution for consumers, according to a news release.

Diamond Mattress eliminates fiberglass from entire mattress portfolio

In a move designed to provide consumers with a safer, healthier sleep environment, Diamond Mattress has transitioned its entire product portfolio to fiberglass-free flame-retardant solutions.

Bedding Producers Q&A: What will your company be doing to help your partners manage through challenging times?

"Our strategies are focused on getting more efficient, introducing differentiated products, and helping our customers grow their profit margins. We are fortunate to have invested in new equipment that is just now coming online, which will improve workflows and take pressure off our workforce."

A ‘pivotal’ year? As year winds to slowdown, bedding industry expects some increase in 2023

"2023 is going to be a difficult year for the category as a whole due to continued inflation pressures, a slowing housing market and an uncertain political climate. Consumers are likely to be hesitant with any big-ticket purchase."

Attitude of Gratitude

"Professionally, I’m grateful for our team and how they came together and adapted to change and how they’re taking everything in stride with the ups and downs of business these days and with all the challenges we’ve had the past couple years. Being able to maintain positivity and stay engaged through the ups and downs is really something I’m grateful for.”

"Inside the Mind of the Mattress Shopper: Craig McAndrews Profiles Today's Mattress Shopper"

"We’ve seen some shifts in that that I think are really important for retailers and for, quite frankly, wholesalers to understand what’s happening in the marketplace."

Employee Engagement Pays Off for Diamond Mattress in Tough Labor Market

In a challenging economy and labor market, Diamond Mattress is demonstrating how its focus on employee engagement is paying off as it spotlights several team members with more than 25 years of service.

Diamond Mattress Spotlights Long-Term Employees in Tough Labor Market

Among the roster of almost 200 Diamond team members, three have served the fourth-generation mattress manufacturer for more than a quarter-century. Many others deserve honorable mention with 26 serving more than 15 years; 36 with over 10 years; and almost 100 with at least 5 years.

Diamond Mattress to Seek Sustainability Certification from Mattress Recycling Council

Diamond Mattress announced it will seek sustainability certification from the Mattress Recycling Council, kicking off a company-wide initiative to formalize green practices and policy across its two factories in California and Texas.

Diamond Mattress Turns Up Dial on Sustainability

“Diamond has been recycling and upcycling materials in various ways for many years, and now it’s exciting to bring them all together in a concerted effort to build a sustainability policy across our multi-site production and offices,” said Craig McAndrews, president of the Rancho Dominguez, California-based manufacturer.

Bedding Leaders Find Causes for Optimism

Shaun Pennington, the chief executive officer of Diamond Mattress, acknowledged widespread concerns about the economy. “Everyone is expecting a recession to happen,” he said, “but it doesn’t appear to affect the fact that retailers are interested in innovative products that consumers can get excited about.” New gel products at Diamond fit that bill, he added.